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Trending: Party - Chris Brown Ft. Gucci Mane & Usher | Best Dance Videos

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Party - Chris Brown Ft. Gucci Mane & Usher | Best Dance Videos

It’s time to party with Chris Brown and these incredible dancers! Subscribe to DanceOn!►► If you are looking to party you’ve come to the right place. Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, and Usher are bringing you the party, along with these awesome dancers. Here are our picks for the best dance videos to “Party” by Chris Brown. 5. Donovan Gibbs 4. Brian Esperon 3. Keenan Cooks 2. Hollywood Movement 1. Hamilton Evans What is this? DanceOn's TOP 5 series showcases the best original interpretations by top dancers to a music artist's new track. This edition is dedicated to the top 5 dance videos to “Party” by Chris Brown! TOP 5 is produced and edited by DanceOn. -CONNECT WITH THE ARTISTS- Donovan Gibbs: Brian Esperon: Keenan Cooks: Hollywood Movement: Hamilton Evans: -CONNECT WITH DANCEON- YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Vine: -WHO DID THIS?- Producer: Beba Rodriguez Edited By: Anand Mahalingam If you wanna be all official about it: For DanceOn music partnership inquiries: For DanceOn talent partnership inquiries: For press inquiries, we’d love to chat!:
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